In 1968, Mrs. Matilda Laumeier bequeathed the first 72 acres of the future Laumeier Sculpture Park, together with a large story-and-a-half house of cut stone, to the people of St. Louis County in memory of her husband, Henry H. Laumeier, for the benefit of the greater St. Louis metropolitan area. In 1975, the park was proposed as a possible site for the exhibition of sculpture, and the concept of Laumeier Sculpture Park emerged. Catapulted by a collaborative of citizen leaders in the arts, education and business communities, Laumeier Sculpture Park, 501(c)3, was incorporated in September 1977. Laumeier Sculpture Park today has grown to 105 acres and receives more than 300,000 visitors annually.


Accredited by the American Association of Museums, Laumeier Sculpture Park is today an institution of international significance. The institution itself is one of a handful of open-air museums around the world, and a unique complement to the cultural landscape of the St. Louis region. Laumeier provides high-quality learning experiences for the greater St. Louis community and for visitors from all over the world. The many changing exhibitions, concerts, educational programs, lectures and special events developed at Laumeier Sculpture Park support the mission of the institution.


Throughout the years, Laumeier has been the beneficiary of support from a long list of generous individuals and corporations who helped develop Laumeier into what it is today. Our Founders List is on view inside the Museum and on the Museum Terrace.





"Laumeier" is often mispronounced. Between a St. Louis street named Lohmeyer and a downtown casino named Lumiére, there is no shortage of variations. The correct pronunciation is "Lau" (rhymes with "now") - "meier" (rhymes with "higher").


Laumeier is the family name of Henry and Matilda Laumeier, who were the last owners and residents of the property where Laumeier sits today. Henry Laumeier's ancestors emigrated from Germany in the mid-19th century; therefore, we use the traditional German pronunciation of his surname.


Laumeier Sculpture Park receives operating support from these generous partners:


St. Louis County Parks University of Missouri-St. Louis Regional  Arts Commission Missouri Arts Council Arts and Education Council