Drawing on the unique mission of the organization as an outdoor sculpture park with a focus on public, large-scale sculpture and a particular interest in experimentation with new ways of highlighting the intersection of art and nature, Laumeier Sculpture Park organized a multi-faceted calendar of activities for Polish artist Karolina Halatek, focusing on professional growth, exhibition of new work and network building. Halatek’s CEC Fellowship couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for Laumeier. The nature of Karolina’s work with a focus on the medium of light, space and the environment through large interactive sculpture, fit perfectly into our curatorial and programmatic focus during the next six months and is directly related to the Park’s mission. During the Fall/Winter season, Laumeier featured a series of nighttime events titled Laumeier After Dark that provided opportunities to explore the art and nature connection through after dark activities including nature-based night hikes and performance iron pours, illuminating the Park’s landscape.

On November 3, 2018, Laumeier hosted an event titled Laumeier After Dark: Light the Way that provided an opportunity for the public to explore the art and nature connection at night through after dark activities, illuminating the Park’s art collection and trails. Halatek’s work Cloud Square, a disorienting light and fog-filled room constructed within one of Laumeier’s camp shelters was commissioned specifically for the event and was a crowd favorite for our almost 3,000 visitors.