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laumeier after dark 2018

Laumeier Sculpture Park will be open for evening admission for some exciting new events this Fall and Winter! Laumeier After Dark is a new series of events, designed to provide visitors the opportunity to explore the Park in a different light—that of the moon! Laumeier’s mission is dedicated to engaging community through art and nature. A portion of that commitment involves making art available for viewing in all phases of nature, including every season, day and night. Stationary art is fluid when exposed to nature. Colors change, shadows change, silhouettes reveal shapes that inspire a new characteristic of the figure. Sculpture can take on an entirely different form at night, and we want to share this experience with our visitors.

Our first event in the series, Light The Way is inspired by our current exhibition, David Hutson, Memory & Desire: A Personal Exploration of Neon Art, Past and Present. The event is open to all visitors to explore the Park at night. Smaller events will take place in the form of our regular education programming enhanced with the After Dark theme!


(More details to come!)

Under the Stars / August 2018 / Free for Members / $10 GA

Spooky Strolls / Sat., October 20 / $10 GA

Light The Way / Sat., November 3 / FREE

Fun Fluorescent Fashion / Wed., November 14 / Ages 16+ / $30 GA
Maker’s Night Workshop

Scratch Block Workshop / Sat., February 2 & 9, 2019

Scratch Block Workshop / Sat., February 9, 2019

Fire and Light / Sat., February 9, 2019 / FREE

Star-lit Art / Sat., March 16 / All Ages