THANK YOU to all those individuals, corporations and foundations whose lifetime giving to Laumeier totals $1,000 and more as of January 1, 2017.


Nancy and Ken Kranzberg

The Aronson Family


Warren Vaupel*
Whitaker Foundation

Alison and John H. Ferring
Regional Arts Commission


Staenberg Family Foundation
Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

Arts & Education Council
Interco Charitable Trust


National Endowment for the Arts
PNC Financial Services Group
Patricia and David Schlafly
Jeanne and Rex Sinquefield
Ruth and Alvin Siteman
Mary Ann and Andy Srenco
Marilyn and Ken Steinback

Ameren Corporation
Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts
Dorte Bjerregaard
Barbara Eagleton
Edward Jones
Jami and Gary Hoemann
Missouri Arts Council


Kim and Bill Miller
Lawrence E. Mooney and Dr. James Reid
Paul and Elissa Cahn Foundation
Regional Arts Commission
Susan and Michael Scully      
Sissy and Ted Thomas
Josephine and Richard Weil      
Robert Williams      
Windgate Foundation
Marian and John Wuest      
Patricia Wycoff and Thomas Zeller

Susan Barrett and Chris Poehler  
City of Sunset Hills
Commerce Bank
Yvette and John Dubinsky
Barbara Gervais
Jan and Ronald Greenberg
Horncrest Foundation, Inc. 
Ranken Jordan Charitable Foundation
Lighthouse for the Blind, St. Louis
Charles D. Matthews
Ramsey Maune


Kiku Obata
Emily Rauh Pulitzer
Nancy Reynolds and Dwyer Brown
Barbara and James Saitz
Shaughnessy Family Foundation
Susan and David Sherman, III
St. Louis Community Foundation
Beverly and Sheldon Stock
Mary Strauss
Trio Foundation of St. Louis
Kellie and Andrew Trivers
UMB Financial Corporation
U.S. Bank
Susan and Henry Warshaw
Robin Weinberg and Scott Anderson
Susan and Rob Werremeyer
Sherry and Gary Wolff

William Bolster
Judy and Norman* Champ
Ellen and Durb Curlee
Dana Brown Charitable Trust
Adrienne D. Davis
Employees Community Fund of
Boeing St. Louis
Enterprise Holdings Foundation
Muriel and John Eulich
Sari and Carl Frieden
Susan and Robert Goldstein
Heartland Bank
Sanjay Jain
Leslie and Ken Kotiza
Karen and Mont Levy
Margaret McDonald
Eleanor J. Moore*


Marilu Knode
James Kolker
Phyllis and Ken Langsdorf
Norma* and David Lewis
Chris Lissner
Krissy and Kenny Marcantel
Mitchell Markow
Mid-America Arts Alliance
Pella Windows and Doors
Rotonda Foundation
RubinBrown LLP
Carol and Michael Staenberg
TOKY Branding + Design
Pam and Greg Trapp

Sandra and Ronald Ackerman
Anthony Bardol
Mary and Ron Barnes
Ann and Hank Bauer
Morton Bearman*
Cathy and James Berges
Clare Davis and David Obedin
Duane Reed Gallery
Jamey Edgerton      
Margretta Forrester
Bill Gillula
Karen Goodman
Trudy and Robert Gottesman
Intoximeters, Inc.
Maureen and Richard Jennings


Joanne and Alan Kohn    
Nancy and Alois Koller  
Ann and Ronald Krone
Keri Lappas      
Dianne and Harold* Lazaroff      
Patricia and Norman Leigh
Nancy and Joe Linhares
Nancy and Robert Lischer      
Carolyn and Joseph Losos      
Greg Lukeman and Justin Scarbrough  
Kenneth Marshall
Kathi McClure
Jennifer and Jeffrey McDonnell      
Barbara and Dave McKenzie      
Meredith McKinley      
William D. Merwin      
Jessica and Andy Millner      
Donna Moog and Leonard Landsbaum  
Alwal Moore      
Julia K. Muller and Earl K. Shreckengast
Sima and Philip Needleman    
Berit Nelson and Blake Hoel  
Netherland-America Foundation
Northstar Management Company, LLC
Ferda and Bill Omurtag      
Janet Oriatti      
David Parks      
Carol and Bill Perry
Cynthia and Raymond Peters      
Nancy and Gary Pohrer
Felicite and Fairfax Pollnow
Arthur Prensky
John C. Price
Judy and Paul Putzel      
Jane and Rich Ramsey      
Leslie and Jake Reby      
Kathy and Tom Reeves      
Ann Ruwitch and John Fox Arnold
JoAnn and Ted Sanditz      
Paul C. Sankovich      
Ulrike and Thomas Schlafly      
Marilyn A. Schnuck*
Helen and Julian* Seeherman
June Shaw
Kristine and Stephen Sneeringer      
Karen and Richard Spector      
Karen and Mark Spreitler
Kathleen and Doug Sprong      
Standard Machine & Manufacturing Co. 
William Stern  
Alexander Stewart      
James Stewart      
Anne and Dave Stockman      
Target Corporation      
Christine Tracy      
Tracy Family Foundation
Carol and Frank Trotter
Erica Uppstrom and Mark Silver
Suzy and Jack Villa      
Gery and Tony Vonder Haar       
Beverly and John Wagner
Rita and Richard Wagner      
Jeanette Wamser
Mark Weil
Roseann Weiss and Harper Barnes
Judith Weiss Levy and Jerome F. Levy
Western Illinois University
Warren White
Donna Wilkinson

Elizabeth Afentoulis      
Kerry Arens      
Margaret Augustin
John Bachmann
Jody Bailey
Karen and John Barhydt      
Beverly and Philip Barron      
Lawrence Biondi
Lee and Oliver* Boileau      
Amelia Bond      
Deborah Boniske      
Alison and Andy Bourey      
Kevin Brennan      
Joyce and Rick Brenner      
Sharon and Larry Buchanan      
Louetta Ann Buechler      
Bunny and Charles Burson      
Bill Carver   
Judy Child Schwartz and Alan Schwartz   
Mary and Elliott Chubb      
Carol and Bill Claypool      
Danna and Steven Cockriel      
Susan and Carmon Colangelo
Hal and Paula Colton
Elizabeth Cummins Vonalt
William H. Danforth      
Laura and Brent Davidson
John DeGregorio      
Patricia and Jonathan Dehner      
Gene Deutsch      
DFC Group Inc
Quyen Dinh      
Carol and Quintus Drennan
John Drew      
Mary and Mike Drury
Andrea and Lindsey Durway      
Eagle Bank and Trust Company of Missouri
Marjorie and Ernest* Eddy      
Rachel and David Eidelman      
Jahn and Perry Epstein
Mary and Richard Ernst      
Aaron Fields
Rosemary and Ken* Fields      
Abby and Nick Filippello      
Gail Fischmann      
Barb and Ray Flunker
Christy and Gary Fox      
Marilyn and Sam Fox      
Lois Friedman      
Deborah Gersell and Keith H. Fulling
Barbara B. Goodman
Joan Goodson
Jean and Tom Gosebrink
Linda and Bill Grant
Kate and Michael Haggans
Harold and Ethel Horowitz Family Charitable Foundation
Matt Harvey
Courtney and Andrew Henson Brienen
Shelia and James Hoffmeister
Carlota and Richard Holton      
Alan Hopefl      
Cynthia and Ven Houts
Steve Hubbard
Claudia Joyce      
Mary Judge and Gyo Obata
Maureen Kelly      
Nina Knode      
Lesley Knowles
Fran and Roger Koch