Robert Chambers                                               (American, born 1958)

Sugabus, 2004

bronze with patina

109 x 109 x 125 inches

Laumeier Sculpture Park Commission with funds from the Mark Twain

Laumeier Endowment Fund

Sugabus’ colossal 6000 pounds of bronze arranged into 45 globes resemble a giant balloon sculpture poodle. Sugabus also represents the interlocking elements carbon, hydrogen and oxygen found in sucrose. Chambers’ cuddly title, a mingling of “Sugar” and “Cerberus,” transforms the terror evoked by the mythological three-headed guard dog of Hades into a fluffy domesticated pet. Has Chambers made this scary creature into a loveable puffball through the association with a syrupy rush? The metamorphosis stirs together love for pets, elemental craving for sweets and legend into a whimsical alchemy of sculptural forms.


Robert Chambers was born in Miami in 1958. Chambers earned his B.F.A. from University of Miami in 1983 and his M.A. in 1990 from New York University. In 1993, Chambers began his teaching position as Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Art at the University of Miami. Chambers has been the recipient of the Nancy Graves Award and the Louis Comfort Tiffany Award. Chambers was granted a residency at the Fabric Workshop Museum in Philadelphia in 2009 and has work in the permanent collections of the Kemper Museum, Kansas City; the Museum of Modern Art, New York; the Miami Art Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Miami.Chambers was featured at Laumeier in 2004, Robert Chambers: In Sit U, a whimsical survey with works made over a fifteen year period.Chambers currently lives and works in Miami.