Laumeier offers several walking pathways and trail hikes for a variety of ages and abilities:

The paved Central Pathway can be easily accessed from the parking lots at the Main, Lower and West Entrances. Complete the entire 0.64-mile loop in approximately 25 minutes while you enjoy some of the Park's most beloved sculptures, including Tony Tasset's Eye, 2007, Alexander Liberman's The Way, 1972–80, and Donald Lipski's Ball? Ball! Wall? Wall!, 1994, among others.

The Art Hike Trail can be accessed from Laumeier's Lower Entrance parking lots and spans 0.77 miles through Laumeier's Eastern Woodland. Featured artworks include Laumeier's first "site-specific" artwork, Jackie Ferrara's Laumeier Project, 1981, and the historic ruins of Mary Miss' Pool Complex: Orchard Valley, 1983–85.

The 0.15-mile Western Woodland Trail is a short, 10-minute hike along the west side of the The Way Field. Can you spot Sam Durant's Free Hanging Chain, 2014, among the trees?


St. Louis County Parks offers a 30 / 30 Hikes Program which designates 30 trails located across the St. Louis County area that each take approximately 30 minutes to complete. At the beginning of every trail, hikers will find a 30 / 30 Hike sign that corresponds with a free map. These maps highlight the suggested 30-minute route and mileage.

St. Louis County Parks also offers a punch card available online and at all six Recreation Complexes, Faust Park and Laumeier Sculpture Park. Be sure to punch the card at the 30 / 30 Hike signs at the beginning of every trail. Once all 30 are completed, exchange the punch card for a special prize!

By the end of your journey, you will have completed 15 hours of exercise and enjoyed 55 miles of St. Louis County Parks! Call 314.615.8822 for more information.

Download the Punch Card