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Outdoor public sculpture has become an increasingly visible part of the contemporary art world, with new generations of artists by-passing traditional sculptural forms to engage in working within the real conditions of their world and engaging area residents in experiences about our changing physical and cultural landscape in surprisingly new ways.

Laumeier offers several opportunities designed to welcome visiting artists, scholars, and thinkers to spend time at the Park engaging with program participants, visitors and staff. Each residency differs slightly in time span and structure ranging between local, national and international guests. All are designed to facilitate exchanges between those in residence and the community, forging connections between art, nature, and other fields.

 In-Residence includes:

Cultural Thinker—launched in 2012, appoints an individual to engage with Laumeier’s programming over the course of one year. This person is typically a scholar with expertise in a field outside of art—past residents have included archaeologists, an environmental historian, and a nutritionist—to engage in interdisciplinary thinking and learning.

Community Artist—provides opportunities for local artists to engage with the community through workshops, events and discussions.

Visiting Artist—designed to create more intensive opportunities for accomplished artists from outside the region to get to know the community and make responsive artwork. The residency allows artists to conduct research, meet community members, and explore issues of importance to the region. It culminates in an exhibition or special project conceived and shaped in response to time spent.

Guest Artist—is less structured than the other In-Residence programs. Guests Artists periodically come for varying types of visits and engagement.