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The Cultural Thinker in Residence program, launched in 2012, appoints an individual to engage with Laumeier’s programming over the course of one year. This person is typically a scholar with expertise in a field outside of art—past residents have included archaeologists, an environmental historian, and a nutritionist—to engage in interdisciplinary thinking and learning.

Xinyue Deng / 2019

For our 2019 Cultural Thinker In Residence program, filmmaker Xinyue Deng will engage our audiences through video and film, documenting testimonials and approaching her work as both an artist and liaison to get to know the people our organization serves. Through a series of film-based projects, Deng will ask questions, collecting a diversity of voices and presenting a slice of life here at the Park. Through on-site research and exploration, Deng’s multi-part project will weave our visitors stories and experiences through a narrative that is specific and real, organic and full of voice. With a keen eye for recording her world, Deng’s approach to film-making will pair nicely with our mission to get to know and understand our public, aiming to create a series of documents and programs that are inspired by art and nature while capturing the distinct experiences of the people who enjoy the uniqueness of Laumeier.


Xinyue Deng received her MFA from Washington University in 2018. Deng received her Bachelor of Arts in Radio & Television Science from Guangzhou University-China in 2015. From 2012-14 she attended the Ball State University double degree exchange program, 2012-2014 to earch her Bachelor of Arts in Digital Video Production. Deng has exhibited her work locally and internationally in exhibitions and film festivals. Her film Passages in Revisiting: I Hear Someone Playing Urheen won Best Experimental Film at the 2018 St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase.

Laumeier started the Cultural Thinker In-Residence program in 2012 to bring different forms of social and intellectual artistic practice into the public spaces of the Park. In-Residence artists complement the Park’s thematic exhibitions and deepen the exploration of topics relevant to Laumeier's cultural landscape.

2018 In-Residence: Poet Stefene Russell
2016 In-Residence: Musicians Barbara Harbach + Jim Henry
2015 In-Residence: Nutritionist Marjorie Sawicki
2014 In-Residence: Archaeologists Joe Harl + Robin Machiran
2013 In-Residence: Environmental Historian Jenny Price
2012 In-Residence: Composer Eric Hall