Even though Laumeier's artworks are outdoors and subject to the elements, physical contact can still cause irreparable damage, making it difficult to preserve them for future generations. Please do not climb on any artworks, unless otherwise noted on the sculpture’s object label.

Artworks must sometimes be removed from view due to inappropriate public interaction. Examples of inappropriate interactions include climbing, writing (graffiti), carving or scratching on sculptures, walking off prescribed trails, paths or lawns, and general destructive activities. Please help us take care of our Collection; if you see anyone interacting with an artwork inappropriately, please contact the Park Rangers at 314.615.4733.

Laumeier Sculpture Park would like to continue to bring new and exciting works to the Park. The more cost we accrue for artwork repairs due to public damage, the less opportunity we have to bring new sculpture to the community. Please help us maintain the Park and keep it a community treasure for years to come. Below are the recommended sculpture interaction guidelines for artworks currently on view at Laumeier.


Terry Allen, Laumeier U-ME-UM, 1998
Arman, La Libellule, 1996
Donald Baechler, Flowers (Tulips), 2004
Fletcher Benton, Donut No. 3, 2002
Jonathan Borofsky, Man with Briefcase at #2968443, 1986
Anthony Caro, Java, 1976
Cosimo Cavallaro, Knots, 1996
Robert Chambers, Sugabus, 2004
Alexandre da Cunha, Mix (Americana), 2013
Mark di Suvero, Bornibus, 1985–87
Sam Durant, Free Hanging Chain, 2014
Pearl Fryar, Topiary, 2013
Charles Ginnever, Crete, 1976–78
George Greenamyer, Heritage Schooner for Debra Lakin, September 30, 1998, 1998
Joseph Havel, Twins, 2007
Jene Highstein, Ada’s Will, 1990
Jene Highstein, Old Temple, 1991
Richard Hunt, Linked Forms, 1999
Richard Hunt, Tower Hybrid, 1979
Jerald Jacquard, Cubed Squared, 1969
Sol Lewitt, Intricate Wall, 2001–04
Alexander Liberman, The Way, 1972–80
Donald Lipski, Ball? Ball! Wall? Wall!, 1994
Robert Lobe, The Palm at the End of the Parking Lot, 1995
Ken Lum, The Space Between Scott and Plessy, 2013
T. Kelly Mason, Laumeier Lamps, 2011
Robert Morris, Untitled, 1968–69
Manuel Neri, Aurelia Roma, 1994
Ahmet Öğüt, This area is under 23 hour video and audio surveillance, 2009
Beverly Pepper, Alpha, 1974
Raqs Media Collective, If the World is a Fair Place Then..., 2015
Gigi Scaria, Woodhenge, 2016
Judith Shea, Public Goddess, 1992
Tony Tasset, Eye, 2007
Steve Tobin, Walking Roots, 2002
Ernest Trova, Abstract Variation Lozenger No. 3, 1980
Ernest Trova, Abstract Variation No. 5, 1976
Ernest Trova, Falling Man/Study (Wrapped Manscape Figure), 1984
Ernest Trova, Gox No. 3, 1974
Ernest Trova, Profile Canto IV, 1974
Kim Yasuda, Hunt + Gather, 2012


Johann Feilacher, Redwood I, 1997
Donald Judd, Untitled, 1984
Geoffrey Krawczyk, Recess, 2014


Harriet Bart, Without Words, A Reading Room, 1998
Juan William Chavez, Untitled (Sacred Real Estate), 2012
Jackie Ferrara, Laumeier Project, 1981
Dan Graham, Triangular Bridge Over Water, 1990
Mary Miss, Pool Complex: Orchard Valley, 1983–85
Beverly Pepper, Cromlech Glen, 1985–90
Tony Rosenthal, House of the Minotaur, 1980
Judith Shea, American Heartland Garden, 1992
Tony Tasset, Deer, 2015


Niki de Saint Phalle, Ricardo Cat, 1999
Ian Hamilton Finlay, Four Shades, 1994
Richard Fleischner, St. Louis Project, 1989
Mark Mennin, Cores for Laumeier, 2003
Robert Stackhouse, St. Louie Bones, 1987
Marie Watt, Earthmover, 2014
Frances Whitehead, Hortus Obscurus (The Dark Garden), 1997


Vito Acconci, Face of the Earth #3, 1988
Michael Heizer, Compression Line, 1968
Tom Huck: Bugs, 2014–15
Jessica Stockholder, Flooded Chambers Maid, 2009–10