Redwood I, 1997
492 x 98 x 102 inches
Laumeier Sculpture Park Collection, gift of Johann Feilacher

Johann Feilacher’s gigantic Redwood I, 1997, cut by chainsaw from a single California redwood trunk, is a potent totem that expressively redefines the atmosphere of the woodlands. Redwood I reveals the raw, inner physical life of a single tree, where the memory of our prehistoric world is exposed with a careful vertical slice. Feilacher’s remorseless carving procedure curiously returns the wood to its original environment as a monument unto itself.

Sculpture Interaction Guideline: Touch, But Do Not Climb


Johann Feilacher was born in Villach, Austria, in 1954. He works primarily with wood, creating both indoor and outdoor sculptures with his preferred tool, the chainsaw. Feilacher has exhibited at institutions including the Holzmuseum Lignorama, Austria; the Museum of Modern Art, Pretoria, South Africa; and Socrates Sculpture Park, New York. His work is represented in the United States by Kouros Gallery, New York, and by Galerie Judith Walker, Weitzelsdorf, Austria. Feilacher completed one of the world’s largest wooden sculptures produced from a single piece of wood for Laumeier in 1997.

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