Laumeier's thematic focus of New Territories, 2015–18, follows the activities previously launched under the theme of Archaeology of Place, 2010–14New Territories broadens our look at the world’s cultural zones as they have directly and indirectly impacted life in St. Louis.

First launched during 2014 EXPO Chicago, Laumeier staff and adjunct curators Mark Coetzee, Founding Director & Chief Curator, Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art, Cape Town; Dylan Robinson, Independent Curator, Vancouver; and Lana Sokolova, Local Programs Director, YARAT Contemporary Art Space, Baku, Azerbaijan, worked with artists who imaginatively challenge the economy-driven thinking about these rich global cultural zones beyond East vs. West and North vs. South.



Spring / Summer 2018
Whitaker Foundation Gallery, Adam Aronson Fine Arts Center
Curated by Dana Turkovic

Originally from Baku, but now based in New York, Farid Rasulov trained to be a doctor at the Azerbaijan State Medical University and has since become an artist. Rasulov draws his subjects from the traditional cultural practices that slowly become erased from the Azerbaijani collective memory in the face of a rapidly modernizing and globalizing social-political context. Rasulov’s project at Laumeier continues his current exploration in sculpture and performance based on complex cultural references from the Caucasus. Rasulov plans a large, sculptural, multi-part installation in the Adam Aronson Fine Arts Center entitled 1001 Skewers, using more than 1,000 kebab skewers with configurations based on Azeri fairy tales.


Spring / Summer 2018
Outdoor Galleries
Curated by Dana Turkovic

Garden Ornaments, consists of a trio of monumental, concrete sculptures installed outdoors. Each artwork is a formal extraction of geometric, abstract shapes inspired by Asian carpet ornaments of birds, traditional dances and native flowers. The two installations are whimsical, humorous applications of design techniques inspired by Rasulov’s heritage in Azerbaijan.