Laumeier's inaugural 2012 In-Residence Program featured Composer Eric Hall, who created the Site/Sound Tour, a compilation of sound pieces created by regional musicians, bands, sound artists and producers. Each artist created an aural portrait of one of Laumeier’s sculptures in the Permanent Collection either as a reaction to, in conversation with or as an extension of the work via the medium of sound. Hall's work was also exhibited as part of Laumeier’s 2012 Kranzberg Exhibition Series, Electric is the Love.

Download the Site/Sound Tour + Listen to Site/Sound


Eric Hall is a St. Louis native who has created several sound-sculptures and interactive installations for various St. Louis institutions including the Saint Louis Art Museum, the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis and White Flag Projects. He has composed and performed works commissioned by Washington University in St. Louis and Forest Park Community College, and recently performed John Cage’s “First Construction (In Metal)” as a solo live-sampled electro-acoustic piece with the STL Symphony Orchestra.